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Photo art or artistic photography as an art form is an important movement in photography. Photography is a craft, just like painting. Those who have mastered the technique can unleash their artistic qualities on the image. That is how art is created. In photography this has received a huge boost in recent years. There are a large number of professional photographers who have elevated photography to “photo art”.

Photo art or abstract art has several movements, which include portrait photography, for example. In addition, there are also landscape photography, nature photography, urban photography and abstract photography, all of which form a separate discipline. And then there is the distinction between black and white photo are and colour photo art.

Photo art has now conquered its place in museums and galleries. There are galleries that only present photo art and thus demonstrate that it is a discipline that is worth presenting as an art form.

Photo wall art

Worldwide there are a number of famous photo galleries, but in the meantime photo art online has made it even more accessible. Physically visiting galleries can be omitted, now that a lot is possible online. These photo shops and galleries give an online look at photography art and offer the possibility to purchase photo art online as well. This offers private individuals the opportunity to vies photo art in an accessible way and thus buy their own photo artwork or collection. Whether is concerns black and white photography art or photos in colour, everything is possible. At Humiio you will find an exclusive online collection of special photos carefully framed by high-end framing studios, from which you can make your own choice. Abstract portraits in colour and black and white, for example. A series of photos are offered online that deserve a place in many interiors.