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Kitchen wall art

Art on the wall is allowed to be seen, so a beautifully framed work is given a visible place in a frequently used space. Nowadays, that is also the kitchen. So, art in the kitchen!

Kitchen wall frames

The kitchen has conquered an increasingly important role in our homes. For a long time, the kitchen was a somewhat undershot child, and was it purely functional and small, nowadays the (living) kitchen is totally hot again and it is increasingly taking centre stage. After all, it is not only cooking and eating. It is also being worked in. Homework is done, games are played and friends are received. The kitchen has become a multifunctional space in which a lot of time is spent every day. By all family members.

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Kitchen framed wall art

This means that the kitchen deserves attention when it comes to furnishing. In addition to a beautiful kitchen with possibly an island in the middle, a beautiful stove and a breakfast bar or large dining table, the decoration also requires attention. This is where kitchen wall art comes into play. A wonderful way to give your kitchen that finishing touch.

Wall-art for kitchen

Because so much happens in a kitchen, it is advisable not to clutter it too much with all kinds of knick-knacks, but to opt for one beautiful statement on the wall: called wall-art kitchen. In this way, you hang a beautiful work on a certain wall. Think of a painting or a framed photo. Photography offers many beautiful images that are universal and timeless. This can create a very stylish image and immediately give the kitchen a boost. Check out what Humiio has to offer when it comes to high-quality framed handcrafted graphics and photographs in black and white or colour.

Large kitchen wall art

A large kitchen wall art painting can truly set the mood. Choose something that suits the kitchen, but also your personality. An interior may be calm and timeless, but it is interesting if you add something of yourself so that others see and feel that you live there. And more importantly: that you feel at home there. A personal image, an image that makes you happy and gives you a good feeling, that brings back a memory or gives you energy. That is a painting that you can and want to look at every day. And because so much time is spent in the kitchen, the space is ideal for it.