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Fine Art Framing

An interesting professionally shot photograph attracts attention. If such a work is framed, it becomes truly stylish. Provided this is also done professionally, using high-quality materials and carried out by high-end framing workshops. Art deserves to be framed.

Frames for art

Pictures, photos, paintings. They are an integral part of our interior. We prefer to give a painting or a photo a nice place in our house. It is a way to hold on to memories, to show something personal, to offer something beautiful or something artistic or even art, a place that it deserves.

This fact gets even more cachet when you do the work in a list. Framing art is one way to draw attention to the image even more. You create a frame, both literally and figuratively, so that the focus is placed even more on the image and the environment is pushed away.

Framing art can be done in many ways. In order to do this or have it done in a professional manner, it is important that a work is printed on a good carrier, on good quality paper. It is important that the image, in colour or black and white, is displayed properly and can be fully appreciated.

Framing fine art prints

Will there be a passe-partout around the work and, if so, of what size and in what shade? Which frame is best for the job? A narrow or a wide frame and in which colour? And which material is chosen? Will there be glass in front of the work and which glass should that be? Once a choice has been made, it is also important that a good and sturdy system is used when framing to hang up the work nicely. It is important that no deformations occur, that the frame is firmly and properly in place. All these facets ensure that a work comes into its own as well as possible. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

Art frames UK

At Humiio, they understand that. Humiio offers an exclusive collection of captivating photos and high-quality frames as one concept. It offers a beautifully curated selection of handcrafted graphic art and black and white or colour photos online in sophisticated custom frames.