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Artistic photography

In addition to painting and sculptures, photography has developed into a true art form. Wall art is therefore not only limited to paintings, but also includes high-quality photos. Humiio offers an exclusive collection of photos in sophisticated custom frames.

What is artistic photography?

Photography has conquered its place in the world of art as a form of expression. This was not the case when it was invented in the 1930s. Photography was mainly seen as a way of documenting images, later artistic photography became a fact and it transformed to a form of art. A photo was a way of expression. The photographer was able to express an image in a certain, often artistic way.

Photography also called photo art has since been fully accepted as a form of art and has taken off. Worldwide there are exhibitions of photographers who are technically skilled and on the basis of this know how to capture an image in a special way or who know how to ‘capture’ the moment in such a way that it has an enormous impact, conveys a feeling and engages the viewer. Sometimes a photo is edited, other times an artist chooses a photographer for the pure image.

Artistic portrait photography

Artistic photography is almost abstract art. It may not be called visual art, but it is creative, idiosyncratic and artistic. We could say that artistic photography is photography with a sense of art. In all cases, it is tastefully and stylishly executed.

This artistry was particularly acclaimed in the 1960s and 1970s, the post-modern era, when there was a lot of experimentation with photography. Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg in particular, created artistic works on the basis of photography that were later elevated to works of art. From that time the status of photography grew. It became a medium that conquered its place alongside painting and sculpture. You will now find photography art in museums and galleries.

Artistic photography wall art

Some photographers that have become famous for their work include: Annie Leibovitz (abstract portrait photography), Dorothea Lange (documentary photography), Henri Cartier-Bresson (street photography), Man Ray (fashion and portrait photography), Don McCullin (war photography) and Edward Western (still life photography). These names immediately show the diversity of artistic and art photography. Artistic photography can be elevated to art in all possible disciplines.