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Street art photography

Street art is hot. Graffiti and murals give a city or industrial estate a completely different look. While graffiti was still illegal in the eighties and was mainly performed at night, nowadays artists are even commissioned to bring a grey wall to life by painting a picture on it spray paint.

Graffiti, which is Italian for “scratched drawings” is an art that originated in America. In the sixties, it became enormously popular among street youth. In the eighties, it blew over to Europe. The Dutch graffiti scene was rampant between 1985 and 1995. Short texts and images were sprayed on bare walls in all possible colours. The American Keith Haring has become one of the most famous American graffiti artists. In the Netherlands, artist Jasper Krabbé was part of the graffiti scene in Amsterdam for a number of years.

Because graffiti was not always appreciated, it was removed by municipalities in the Netherlands where possible. They did not see art in it, according to them it was merely the plaster of walls. It was considered vandalism. Removing it was not always easy. Government buildings were particularly targeted and cleaning the facades cost the government a lot of money.

Fine art portrait photography

Precisely because graffiti images were often only temporarily on display, many photographers captured the photo before they would disappear. This street art photography and artistic photography provides a beautiful picture of this graffiti, in colourful images and words. It was often beautiful and well-made that it was soon elevated to abstract art. You will also find these kinds of photos at Humiio’s online collection, beautifully and professionally framed. Displayed in black and white or in colour. It gives life to street art. It surpassed its transience.

Incidentally, it did not stop illegal graffiti. Graffiti artists or mural art artists are now called in to legally decorate a grey bare wall or, for example, the walls and ceilings of a bicycle tunnel.

Nowadays, a new form of street art has been added that has nothing to do with paint. These are miniature scenes with tiny figures and other mini-objects in the most unexpected places in a city, and placed in a certain setting. This form of attention for the small is gaining more and more ground. This is also recorded by photographers, so that the photographer creates a special image of this striking mini world that you might otherwise pass by unnoticed.

Fine art photography

Many street art enthusiasts like to keep the various graffiti portraits or the created miniature world through this photography. Buying street art photography offers the opportunity to retain an art form that is originally temporary and transient and therefore appeals to the imagination. Nowadays it is a serious part of the fine art photography.

What is fine art photography?

Fine art photography is an artform that is created because of its fineness and beauty. The artist creates an image that will be appreciated primarily for its imaginative, aesthetic or intellectual content.